• Rob Ray

    Rob Ray has hosted 23 episodes.

    Rob Ray is a Los Angeles artist examining technology in public/outdoor spaces through installations, interactive public artworks, experimental videos and sound compositions.

    Rob co-hosts the recently launched Opposable Thumbs podcast with Taylor Hokanson where they tackle a new creative challenge every two weeks and talk about their accomplishments, failures and lessons learned.

    Rob also runs the EXOSKELETON arts project in Los Angeles, California and collaborates with artists to create enthusiastic and thoughtful events and installations in the EXOSKELETON house and in strange disused places across the earth. The frequently published EXOSKELETAL newsletter explores the world through illustrations.

    Rob was founding curator of the DEADTECH electronic arts center in Chicago, IL, USA. DEADTECH’s unique curatorial vision, residency facilities, workshop facilities and exhibition space were custom created to cater to the specific needs of the electronic artist and performer.

    Rob received his MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

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  • Taylor Hokanson

    Taylor Hokanson has hosted 23 episodes.

    Taylor Hokanson is an artist, academic, open hardware advocate, and noted tall person. An early participant in the Maker movement, Hokanson investigates the promising/problematic nature of uncritical technology consumption in the post-digital landscape. Principal among these concerns are human-computer interaction, computer-aided fabrication, and new models for collaborative authorship and content distribution. When he’s not writing for an academic audience, he promises that humor and absurdity also play a significant role.

    For example, Hokanson’s Controlled Feeding Status is a set of 3D printed silver flatware that embodies the first world’s queasy relationship with food. Each fork in the series is covered with a progressive accumulation of tumor-like growths, offering implements that impede the eating process to different degrees. The work is presented on a velvet bed inside a fancy wooden box, and accompanied by a cake of Nutraloaf (a bland, though technically nutritious food-product, that is served in some American prisons as punishment for misbehavior).