Click Training

Episode 23 · January 15th, 2018 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

Kelly Marie Martin is our guest this week! Greetings Kelly! Los Angeles in tha house!

"Click training" is our challenge this episode! We talk about occult rocketry, racist christian cults, and Krazy Kat's gender fluidity. We also talk indie comics we have loved and bullets frozen in time. Kelly also shares her love for "My Favorite Thing is Monsters," the rewards of painting and the pleasures and struggles of being a musician.

Taylor creates a really cool chunky talisman for staying thoughtful about his eating habits. Kelly creates a metronomic, spacey, spooky and fun song you can hear on the podcast! Rob finally mails a gift he's been meaning to send for 9 years (That's just ridiculous.) and asks the bees to keep him on track.

Rob apologizes for his audio quality on this episode. Out technology demons! OUT! A shout out to our previous guests Ranjit Bhatnagar, Nick Bontrager, Sara Schnadt and Federico Tobon who are mentioned in this episode!

Thanks to Nik, Adam, Luke and Kelly (! They're our top Patreon supporters! And props to Mike and Jen as well! Ya'll are great too! Join 'em at:

Also Kelly's song has two sound samples that require attribution so here they are!
LY2BMXX made the telegraph sound: LY2BMX.mp3 IN "CQ WW DX 2015" CW (80M) QRP, Ventspilis, Latvia
Hanstimm made the frogs: frogsZM.aiff
Hans Timmermans, senior lecturer Computermusic and Music Software Development at Utrecht School of Music and Technology.

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