Stranger Skill Share

Episode 28 · March 26th, 2018 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

No guest this week! Just Taylor and Rob making big dreams... happen? Chicago, Los Angeles and worldwide! We talk about the professionalization of YouTube, the words we say with an accent. Rob pronounces the word pencil as PEENcyll.

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Taylor casts forth his knowledge of Adobe llustrator like those little whirlybird samara seed pods that fall from Maple trees. Those seed pods are awesome. And so is Taylor's Illustrator aptitude!

Marcel Duchamp would just scribble stuff on paper and use it as money. WUT... Check your privilege, Marcel. But it would be kinda rad to be able to do that.

Rob tries to figure out how to navigate his feelings about "professional YouTube." Maybe lightning bolts will help. (Shout out to D. Boon.)

Rob coughed approximately 567 times during the recording of this podcast but he edited out all of them but two. Sorry about that!

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