Balancing Act

Episode 57 · May 10th, 2019 · 58 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

Balancing Act is our challenge this episode! Thanks to Emily Kuehn for the challenge! We have no guest this episode. Just Taylor and Rob left alone with the cavernous echoes of their own thoughts.

Rob talks about getting duped by an Instagram ad. Maybe. Or maybe he just duped himself. They also talk about the very vaporware-y Star Citizen game and the pitfalls of crowdfunded things. Rob is pretty into the word "diegetic."We also talk about listmaking, productivity, the ever-fascinating KT boundary and the poetry of iPhone file name sequences. Also chop saws, bench dogs and glue scrapers, Figma and GitHub. We also remind ourselves to not dig into our opinions too deeply. Things change.

Rob get's right to the point. The guilt was too much to bear. Taylor was on the skids but ended up putting the glow up in his glue up!

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