Meghan Trainor

Special guest

Meghan Trainor is a new media artist whose practice is informed by the utopian vision that lady healers have hidden centuries of technology away from public view and that we currently sit on an army of robot battle witches. She also writes essays and manifestos about technology, history and social justice. Trainor is currently working on Sphagnan, a collaborative performance series, with Sarah Lypstk. A narrative akin to Thomas Pynchon for Girls, Sphagnan explores bog rituals, Hedgewitch electronics, living outside, the craftsmanship of conductive ink making, Northwest history, adventure, and transformation.

On June 21st she’ll be giving a talk as part of the INCA series This Might Not Work entitled Solstice: We might discuss Hedges or Resistance. Her booklet the Familiar Algorhthym was recently published by Bridge Productions.

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