Sara Schnadt

Special guest

Sara Schnadt is an artist and UX designer who has been working since 2004 overseeing and designing for large-scale civic data projects alongside her installation art practice.

Sara Schnadt explores technology in her work both as subject and media. Her installations and performances use found objects, interactivity, projection, spatial illusions, and movement derived from common gestures. Much of her work involves representations or data that translate large quantities of socially resonant information into poetic forms, including data visualization. Sara often performs within accompanying sculptural environments, or sites works within functioning everyday spaces, attempting to articulate the personal within virtual and technological innovation.

US projects include: 'Network' at Boston Cyberarts Gallery; ‘Drafting Universes’ at Perform Chinatown and Adjunct Positions in LA; 'Travelogue' at Torrance Art Museum; MCA Chicago’s ‘12x12: New Artists New Work’ and 'Without You I Am Nothing: Interactions'; ‘Site Unseen’ Performance Festival, Chicago; ‘Spatial City, An Architecture of Idealism’ at MOCAD Detroit; 'Travel Patterns' at Counterpath in Denver; and ‘Exchange Rate’ public projection series in LA and NY. International projects include: ‘Upgrade! - Chain Reaction’ in Skopje, Macedonia; 'Upgrade! Soft Borders' in Sao Paulo, Brazil; CINEA Paris; FreeManifesta, Frankfurt; and the Busan Biennale in South Korea.

Sara recently joined the Human Interfaces Group at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a lead designer for software systems for a mission to explore Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. Previously she built the first design team and helped launch the first public web interface at Planet Labs, an aerospace startup that is imaging the entire earth every day in order to monitor climate change and other planet-scale dynamics in real time. Before Planet, she worked at Continuum Analytics (who make the Anaconda python distribution), researching and designing solutions for a data visualization authoring tool for scientific big data analytics. Other projects include Census Reporter, a data vis interface and exploration tool to help journalists incorporate census data in their work, OpenElections, an election data access project, and Chicago Artists Resource at the Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs, where she was co-founder and CTO for a city-wide online resource for artists' business information and opportunities.

More on her design work here (, and her art work here (

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