Taylor Hokanson

Co-Host of Opposable Thumbs

Taylor Hokanson is an artist, academic, open hardware advocate, and noted tall person. An early participant in the Maker movement, Hokanson investigates the promising/problematic nature of uncritical technology consumption in the post-digital landscape. Principal among these concerns are human-computer interaction, computer-aided fabrication, and new models for collaborative authorship and content distribution. When he’s not writing for an academic audience, he promises that humor and absurdity also play a significant role.

For example, Hokanson’s Controlled Feeding Status is a set of 3D printed silver flatware that embodies the first world’s queasy relationship with food. Each fork in the series is covered with a progressive accumulation of tumor-like growths, offering implements that impede the eating process to different degrees. The work is presented on a velvet bed inside a fancy wooden box, and accompanied by a cake of Nutraloaf (a bland, though technically nutritious food-product, that is served in some American prisons as punishment for misbehavior).


Taylor Hokanson has hosted 99 Episodes.